Continuity and Change aims to define a field of historical sociology concerned with long-term continuities and discontinuities in the structures of past societies. Emphasis is upon studies whose agenda or methodology combines elements from traditional fields such as history, sociology, law, demography, economics or anthropology, or ranges freely between them. There is a strong commitment to comparative studies over a broad range of cultures and time spans.

Article (Volum 35, Part I, May 2020)

MARTINI, M. & BORDERIAS, C. “Coping with crisis: labour markets, institutional changes and household economies. An introduction”

MONTENACH, A “Coping with economic uncertainty: women’s work and the protoindustrial family in eighteenth-century Lyon”

SOLA, A. ; FERRER-ALOS, LL.; VIROS, LL.; YAMAMICHI, Y. “Silk textiles, crisis and adaptative strategies in Catalonia, 1770–1850s (Barcelona and Manresa)”

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Céline Mutos Xicola (2020, May 6). HIGHLIGHT / PUBLICATION/ 2020 – 2. LABOUR AND FAMILY ECONOMY. Retrieved June 22, 2024, from https://doi.org/10.58079/qvf1

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