HIGHLIGHT/PhD Mario Grassi

Mario Grassi

Congrats ! Mario Grassi, one of our members, successfully received his PhD !

Famiglia, impresa, lavoro: il primato settecentesco dell’industria serica piemontese

Families, Enterprise, Labour. The First Place of the Piedmontese Silk Industry in the 18th Century was conceived as a doctoral thesis during the XIII cycle of the Doctorate in Historical Sciences at the Scuola Superiore di Studi Storici di San Marino (RSM). The work is a deep analysis of the social and economic characteristics that distinguished the productive and commercial categories surrounding the Piedmontese silk industry in the period of its maximum flourishing, by reconstructing the complex context in which this type of manufacture was born and developed. After defining the medieval path of silk in the Italian territory, and the position of Piedmont in this framework, the thesis reconstructs institutional strategies, corporate regulations and market dynamics that played a key role in the success of silk produced in the Kingdom of Sardinia. At the heart of the work is the detailed prosopographical reconstruction of four professional categories: spinners, dyers, silk weavers and stocking-frame knitters. By examining the documentation preserved in the archives, it was possible to investigate not only the situation of jobs between the 17th and 19th centuries, but also the role played by royal factories and state projects, the training of the workforce, the relationship between the professions and the urban fabric, also describing a large sample of workshops and machinery. An in depth examination of a cultural nature that links the history of Piedmontese silk-making to the religious variable concludes the thesis, highlighting the series of close connections existing between silk and society.

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