Call For Papers – Earning a Living – Granada (Spain) Sept. 2022

The historiographical shifts of the late twentieth century have shaped a landscape of historical research in which work and economics have faded into the background, bringing other concerns about culture, sexuality, power and discourse to the fore. However, as Kathleen Canning points out, these new research perspectives have not only failed to dampen interest in one of the main factors in the creation of inequality in historical societies but, by breaking down the dichotomy between the material and the symbolic, they have gone beyond the limits of certain historical metanarratives. Those who have researched gender and work in recent decades have been active players in the historiographical transformations that have led to a broadening in the field of the history of work and class, intersecting with other areas of research such as citizenship, the state, the public and private spheres, spaces, bodies, identities, subjectivities, violence and a long etcetera. This is in addition to the inclusion of new methodologies in which discourses and language establish connections between fields that would otherwise be considered different and distinct from work or economics.
These transformations in research on gender and work have had an unequal impact across different disciplines and countries. This, together with the fact that thirty years have passed since a major interdisciplinary event brought together people from different backgrounds and methodological perspectives in Spain, has led us to convene this International Congress. We see it as an opportunity to join up the conversations taking place in our respective countries, disciplines and institutions.
The congress is organised by an interdisciplinary team engaged in a project on women and work in Andalusia, but this call is made without restrictions on discipline, territory or time period. Our great past and present are the stage upon which we will consider: Earning a Living: Gender and Work.

How to applys:

Proposals for papaers should be sent to the Congress organisers: (January 30th – April 15th 2022).


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