Conferences and workshops

Communications  2022

  • Accepted session  VIII CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE JÓVENES INVESTIGADORAS E INVESTIGADORES EN HISTORIA CONTEMPORÁNEA, Salamanca, Spain, January 2022. Género e historia del trabajo en la historia contemporánea. C. Mutos-Xicola (Universitat de Girona) y Lisard Palau (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Accepted communication,  23e congrès du Comité international des sciences historiques, Poznan août 2022.
    • « Gendered division of work and labour conflicts in Lyon silk and Barcelona cotton trades in the 19th century », M. Martini (Université Lumière Lyon 2 ) et C. Borderias (Universitat de Barcelona), communication acceptée à la session Gendered work, gendered struggles: women’s activism at the work-place in long-term and comparative perspective Specialised Theme/Thèmes spécialisé (half-day, une demi-journée), coord. Susan Zimmermann, Central European University, Poznan, 23e congrès du Comité international des sciences historiques, août 2022.
  • Accepted session   World Economic History Congress,  Paris  2022
    • Labour organisation, technological changes and workforce mobility in textile trades. North-European and Mediterranean production patterns from the 17th to the 20th century Organisers : Manuela Martini (University Lumière Lyon 2), Amy Erickson (University of Cambridge), Cristina Borderias (University of Barcelona), and Nelly Hanna (American University in Cairo).This session deals with a classical question in economic history: the link between technological transformations and the mobility of skilled and unskilled labour force. It aims at studying changing technology impact on the workforce and its mobility, due to micro and macro factors, and production patterns’ reconfigurations, in the long process leading to industrialization.
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